Mr Breezy Filters!

Our patent pending nitrous filters will keep things fresher for longer... 1000's of charges - one filter - one size fits all!

Keep It Clean Y'all

Mr Breezy nitrous filters scrub away yucky oils and tiny metal particles to keep you healthy and your stored perishables fresh!

Mr breezy filters
are hand assembled in the US with quality parts and filtration
The Science Stuff...

Studies show that a 20% or greater concentration of nitrous oxide at standard atmospheric pressure (up to 1.1 atm) is sufficient to have a preservative effect, preventing oxidation in organic matter.

To utilize this method at home one simply needs to spray nitrous oxide with a whip cream canister into a container for a couple seconds and quickly seal the container. Within a sealed container this simple method works well at maintaining the fresh flavors and textures of dried foodstuffs like: herbs, spices, chips, cereal, dried fruit, rice, and jerky.

One hurdle to at home nitrous oxide preservation is the bad tasting corrosive oily residues and countless tiny shards of metal dust. To avoid bad taste and dangerous materials from coating your preserved goods we highly suggest using a Mr Breezy filter.

Our brass filters, which can fit any canister on the market, can be cleaned and reused and do not clog up. They are designed to remove particulate and aerosolized oils from gas lines and do a great job at polishing your nitrous oxide before filling your containers.

Happy preserving! Take care of each other.

WARNING: Whipped cream cartridges contain nitrous oxide, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Food use only. Do not inhale the nitrous oxide found in whipped cream charger refills. It may cause serious and irreversible damage to your health, including death. Mr Breezy is not liable in any way for injuries or deaths caused to anyone, regardless of age, by the misuse of the products found on this website.